Engadine Bowling and Recreation Club has been a part of the Engadine community for over 60 years. The first General Meeting, founding the club, was held in December 1959 and the club has been operating ever since.

The club site was formerly a poultry farm in Cambrai Avenue and one of the chook sheds became the Club House. In the early days cars were bogging in the grounds, there were no outside ground staff, no seating for bowlers or heating inside the club and no means to cool the beer. 

Despite this membership continued to grow for the “club on the edge of the bush”. Engadine was gaining in popularity by the month with the population at this time estimated to be between 4,000 and 5,000. By 1961 the chook shed was converted into a comfortable clubhouse.

In 2009, the club celebrated its Golden Anniversary and produced a very detailed account of the club’s history, with many thanks given to Peter Paterson for his efforts in producing the book. Detailed are the origins of the club, founding members and committees, business operations, a history of success in bowls, and a few tales mixed in throughout.

Please see the link below, for what is a very interesting piece on a significant part of Engadine’s history.

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